Monday, April 30, 2007

In memorial moment at Sabang (Part I)

Every I heard about Sabang City I always remembered when I was kid. Sabang is located on the top of Indonesia Map or on the west Indonesia. Its part of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province, The most people here is moslem and Islam justice rules here.

Pantai Kasih, Its most erotic coastal in Sabang, the sand is white and coconut tree along the coast with amazing wave. The place is not far form where I lives just straight down the hill. Usually I got there by bicycle. not far from this beach, there is a the dutch bunker, when the dutch ruled Indonesia they made a bunker here to defence from British and Portugese attacked.

According my brohter tales in this place there are haunted, He ever saw the hanging breast on the coconut tree when he was going home from his friend's house

Another beach is Tapak Gajah. Its also erotic beach, the different from Pantai Kasih is its coral beach, so many coral on the underwater. When I was kid, after swamp here always brought home the coral and save it at home, because the shape is artistic and uniquely.

To be continued ..............